Every young person has the goal to become a millionaire one day. Unfortunately, not many of them manage to reach that goal. But, it is also noticeable that some people have even bigger ambitions. That’s why they work hard every single day to expand their business and potentially become BILLIONAIRES. One of them is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Bezos certainly believed in his idea and vision. However, we are pretty sure he couldn’t even imagine that Amazon will become that big.

The common question people often have is – how someone manages to make billions and I can make even one million during my entire life. Well, that’s a good question that requires in-depth analyses. All the successful people will tell you it is about hard work. But, we do not agree hard work is the only reason why some people expand their company on the multinational level.

There are many factors that influence the outcome. It probably depends a lot on the mindset and mentality of each individual that decides to start this long-lasting journey.

Jeff Bezos is a human being. People often forget that. However, there are certain things about his life, wealth, and philanthropy that we would like to talk. Based on his lifestyle, decisions, and other interesting facts, you may understand better why he has become one of the richest people on the planet Earth. Let’s go!

1. He Had Entrepreneurial Spirit In the Childhood


As we said, the mindset and mentality of the individual are one of the main reasons why someone manages to become successful and rich. Mister Bezos was a thinker and had an entrepreneurial way of thinking when he was still a child. We can conclude that based on the things he did when he was still a child. For example, he turned the garage of his parents into an engineering workshop. It was the place where he loved to experiment with different electrical gadgets.

On the other hand, we must highlight that he started his businesses when he was still a teenager. Instead of spending summer like his friends, he decided to start an educational summer camp. His customers were kids from the 4th, 5th, and sixth grades.

Not many teenagers spend the “craziest period of life” that way. They often focus on school while holidays are reserved for traveling with parents and friends, spending time outside of the home, etc.

2. Jeff Bezos Regularly Donates Money

As a kid, Jeff Bezos was not rich. He knows very well how it looks not to have a lot of money. That is probably the main reason why he is regularly donating money to different charities. Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t possible if you only expect to get and earn money. Sometimes, you need to give it unconditionally.

But, that’s not all! He stated many times that, sooner or later, one of the most successful entrepreneurs will turn his billion-dollar fortune into Jezz Bezos charity. Did you know that his fortune is currently 107 billion pounds? Well, you can only imagine how many families in the world will get the necessary help. If he really decides on that move, he will definitely be one of the biggest heroes on planet Earth.

3. His Current Earnings


Speaking of his wealth, there are additional interesting pieces of information we would like to discuss. For example, did you know that Jeff Bezos is making around 3700 dollars a second? When you continue with the calculations, you will realize that Amazon’s owner is making around 321 million dollars a day. Can you even imagine that amount of money in one place? We can’t.

4. Wealth Isn’t Always Good for Marriage

The lifestyle of entrepreneurs is always turbulent and proactive. They need to take care of millions of things in one day. Working a lot does not allow partners to spend a lot of time together. That is probably the main reason why their relationship was not too good and they ended up with a divorce.

Why do we mention this? Well, there is one interesting fact. Bezos awarded his ex-wife with 4% of the Amazon stakes. When we turn that into numbers, Mackenzie Scott got nearly 36 billion dollars after she got divorced. That made her the third richest woman in the world. On the other hand, the wealth of Jeff Bezos was not reduced significantly. Even after giving up on 4% of the Amazon stakes, which was a legal requirement, he remained the richest person on the planet.

Do you think he needed a lot of time to cover those “costs? Believe it or not, he managed to return half of it only during 2020. Based on our calculations, those 36 billion dollars have been returned today.

5. His Father Was a Circus Performer


The last name Bezos is actually not the last name of his biological father. He adopted the last name from his stepfather. But, did you know that his biological dad was actually a circus performer? Most young people complain that they do not have support from their parents. Well, Jeff Bezos confirmed that factors are not too important. His biological father didn’t even know he has a son until 2012. Even if his stepdad was an amazing person, that doesn’t mean he can ever be a replacement for a “real dad”. Because of that, it is about time to look for no excuses and do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

6. His Superyacht Has a Yacht

We would like to highlight one thing for the end of this article that will probably look impossible to our readers. Believe it or not, Jeff Bezos has a superyacht. But, an even crazier thing is that his superyacht has a yacht as well. As he said in one of his interviews, his superyacht has a “support yacht”. It is still unclear what is the purpose of the smaller one; that’s something only Jeff Bezos knows. It is worth mentioning that he spent nearly 60 million dollars only on maintenance expenses.


These are some of the interesting facts you should know about Jeff Bezos. We are pretty sure there are a lot more of them, but we focused only on those facts that confirm his wealth. It is also unfair not to mention the donations he is making daily to different charities. Now you see how richest person in the world (or one of them) lives.

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