Neem Powder

Neem or Margosa as it is called is a universal healing tree as a boon to our humanity. It is seen everywhere in India and it is readily available for medicinal and cosmetic uses. Keeping aside the very fact that it’s bitter in taste, its antibacterial properties have countless solutions from the Benefits of Neem Powder to fitness to nutrition to pharmaceuticals to curing many skin problems like acne, bacterial infection, rashes, and itchiness for time immemorial. Think of neem as a mystical herb where every part of the tree is utilized in one way or another; it’s effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi that oblige to keep infections building from sweat by killing them instantly.

It’s classified as a cooling herb because it leaves you with a very soothing after-effect. Neem

is effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This is the very reason this Natural Indian Herbs is embodied in many products. Kirpal Export Overseas is a company that manufactures natural and organic hair care products in a powdered format that is non-toxic and is incredibly beneficial for your locks. Neem oil is a pure organic oil that is useful for both hair and skin thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. it is extracted with the strategy of cold-pressing to keep the nutrients and vitamins intact for wholesome benefits.

Effortless DIYs with Neem

Disclaimer before trying all DIYs, test out on a little patch of skin to check if you are allergic to anything and stop if there is any burning or itching sensation. There should be no physical harm under the pretext of availing of the Benefits of Neem Powder.

• Prepare a paste of neem leaves, juice out the pulp for the goodness, add curd to it and make a non dripping paste. It will help to control the excess secretion of oil on your skin. Apply it and let it dry, then rinse it off.

• Neem leaves are more beneficial for rashes, infections, and abscesses. So boil one bowl of neem leaves in one tub of water for taking a bath. Drain the leaves and use them when it is lukewarm for better results. If you have neem powder then you may use it, and it becomes easier. Dilute it with normal water and cleanse away the germs

 • If you have a dry skin type then you may prepare a paste of neem leaves or neem powder with honey and rose water as a thick mask. Apply for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Then pack your skin cells with a hydrating serum.

 • For a very long time, even your great-great-grandparents used neem twigs as their toothbrushes because it helps fight toothache, gum bleeding, and decay. Neem is coming back again in the form of tooth-related products. Natural all the way.

 • Neem oil or neem soap shavings are great mosquito repellents. Who would have thought? Put some drops of neem oil in your oil diffusers to stay away from mosquitoes and their itchy bites. You will be a walking repellent of mosquitoes. Never buy any other mosquito repellent when you have a natural way to do so.

 • Neem is a great curbing dandruff remedy. Mix some drops of neem powder, and neem oil with Aloe vera gel, and apply the paste for 20 minutes. Very effective in treating fungus and dandruff buildup of the scalp.

 • A nice hot relaxing champi is for a good night’s sleep. Mix an equal amount of Neem oil along with olive oil. It will not only help you have great relief from stress but also nurture the hair follicles for growth.

 • There is a fade of toning your face during your skincare routine. So tone your face by soaking a cotton pad with 2 drops of neem oil in either rose water or natural hair serum to have a germ-free skin fit for skincare products to work and more hydration to pack in the cells.  

Benefits of Neem Powder

The following are Kirpal Export Overseas’ incredible Benefits of Neem Powder:

 • Due to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of neem, they are crucial for treating fungal and bacterial infections. It keeps infections building from sweat during summers trapped. Keep yourself germ-free with the powerful properties of neem.

 • Neem has a detoxifying property that treats skin issues like eczema or boils.

 • Neem generally helps to scale back acne problems and their scars.

 • Aids to quench the skin’s dryness and keep it supple through nourishing.

Believe it or not but accurately manufactured neem products for skin can be intensely moisturizing and do wonders for your skin cells. Just like Kirpal Export Overseas buy raw dried Neem leaves then grind them into a fine powder, which passes through our 3-time sifted process. Find a great herbal neem powder under the section of Natural Indian Herbs and go crazy for these benefits. 

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