Wedding Cakes

Weddings represent the commitment of two people to spend the rest of their lives together, supporting and caring for one another through the good times and the bad. The significance of the cake-cutting ceremony at wedding receptions cannot be overstated. Having cake at a wedding or anniversary celebration was once believed to bring prosperity to the newlyweds and their guests. The wedding cake has become more of a focal point and has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. Wedding cakes have become an integral part of wedding ceremonies due to the many centuries of customs surrounding them. Read on to discover some fascinating and widely practised global wedding cake customs. If you want to try them out in India just order from the top online cake store there.

Keeping the Cake’s Top Layer

Traditionally, newlyweds would order an extra layer of wedding cake online, freeze it, and keep it for their first child’s christening. Because people got married and started having kids at younger ages, it was doable.

Cutting the Cakes as a Group

The bride and groom traditionally cut the cake together as a symbolic gesture during the reception. Cutting the wedding cake is one of the first things couples do together. For this reason, it is crucial. At traditional marriages, the bride would traditionally cut the cake by herself as a representation of giving up her virginity. As the size of the cakes increased, however, the bride realised she needed help and engaged the services of her brand-new husband.

Bride and Groom Feeding cake to each other

At the cake-cutting ceremony, the bride and groom force each other to eat a tiny piece of cake as a symbol of their promise to always be there for each other and to shower each other with love and affection.

The Groom’s Cake is being served.

By the 17th century, wedding cakes were produced in pairs: the bride’s cake and a miniature fruitcake for the husband. It should be noted, however, that the groom’s cake was omitted from the reception menu. It was dissected, packaged, and given out as a wedding favour. As time went by, the UK stopped practising this custom, but it has recently made a comeback in the US. Grooms’ cakes are much more imaginative and no longer made of fruit.

Wedding Cakes in White

White wedding cakes were once thought to represent virginity. However, the frosting is actually just white sugar. White frosting developed been a social signifier over time. White fondant was used to embellish Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding cake in 1804; the fondant was given the term “royal icing” in honour of the wedding.

There Are Several Tiers in a Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes used to feature up to seven levels. The mediaeval practise of stacking a mountain of spiced buns is a relic of the period. It was thought that if the couple managed to share a kiss above the tower of sweets, they would have a lifetime of prosperity. Wedding dessert trends have evolved from buns to cake, diminishing the significance of elaborate cakes with several layers.

Sleeping With A Piece Of Cake

It was formerly believed that a girl would dream of her future husband if she went to bed with a piece of wedding cake beneath her pillow. This custom goes back about three centuries.

Making Wedding Cakes Charms

The old tradition of incorporating charms into wedding cakes has largely died off. There was significant symbolism in each and every charm. For example, a heart indicated true love, a ring represented an upcoming engagement, and a horseshoe represented good luck. In the same vein, a purse meant prosperity and wedding bells meant a wedding.

Wedding Cake Smashing

In ancient Rome, the tradition called for the groom to smash the wedding cake over the bride’s head. Symbolising male superiority and encouraging pregnancy, the ritual was performed. For their own health and procreation, the visitors would rush in to pick up the crushed cake crumbs.

It’s interesting to see how some of these wedding cake customs have died out while others have endured. Do I hear wedding bells? Not to mention your family’s special day? You may carry a tasty cake back to the house and have a party. Send cake in Chandigarh to someone by ordering it online. Get a cake delivered from a web bakery and have a great time.

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