For many of us, slouching may be a fashionable thing, but do you know that it is the main culprit behind spinal problems that we experience for a long time and even for a lifetime? Almost 80% of us experience spinal cord problems due to slouching.

No doubt many people tend to recover from spinal cord problems and get rid of back pain caused by these problems by taking some preventive steps. Usually, these problems are started at the age of 29. If you don’t take precautionary measures to get rid of it then it may become really difficult to control it.

People, most of the time, experience pain in the lower spine. To diagnose the basic reason for lower back or spine pain a doctor may do an MRI lumbar spine test. This MRI test can easily be done from any lab. In addition, more information about mri lumbar spine cost in Pakistan can be obtained online.

People are not cautious about spine health and they forget that the spine is a part of the central nervous system and is also linked with the brain. An unhealthy spine causes a lot of problems such as weakness, numbness, and especially weakness in the legs and arms. Additionally, it can also lead to breathing disorders and it can also become really difficult to control the bladder due to this problem.

All these problems are linked to poor health of the spine. To prevent these problems, all you need to do is to take care of your spine. It is not very difficult to take care of the spine. Spinal health is associated with essential and healthy foods and several other habits that you do all day.

Tips to Strengthen the Spine

Here are some effective for strengthening the spine in an easy and effective way:

1- Good Posture is a Must

During childhood or even in adulthood, you may remember the advice from your mother that stop slouching as it is bad for you. At that time, many of us don’t pay attention to the advice of the mother but now we know that the advice of the mother was worthy to be followed.

Maintaining a good posture for a healthy spine is essential because when you sit or lay in a bad posture it leaves many negative impacts on spinal health. Additionally, using mobile phones for hours can also lead to neck pain which eventually can cause lower back pain, and this pain can decrease the health of the spine.

While you may be confused that what is a good posture? However, according to the best spinal surgeon in Lahore, a good posture is defined as when ears are aligned with shoulders. You sit for some time in a proper alignment there is a reduction in stress on the spine, and it is considered the best posture for your spine.

Good posture does not only contribute to a healthy spine but also leaves many other health effects. Some scientific studies have found that poor posture can also be a cause of mental problems such as depression. Therefore, leaving poor posture for maintaining a healthy spine is a must.

2- Exercise to Strengthen Back Muscles

The muscles, that are located in the lower back and abdomen, are needed to be strong enough because if they are unhealthy they will not effectively support the spinal cord. Therefore, exercising for strengthening these muscles is necessary because they are responsible for supporting the spine.

However, it is very unfortunate that many people are living unhealthy lives and they are not doing enough to strengthen these muscles. There are specific exercises that you need to do for strengthening the back muscles, you may contact a professional to get information about the best exercise for these muscles.

3- Eating Habits are Linked with Spine Health

A lot of people don’t know what they eat is directly linked to their spine health. Without following a healthy diet plan, it is really impossible to maintain a healthy spine. Healthy foods are among the essential things that a person can do for his spine.

You may be wondering what a can be healthy diet for the spine. Here is the answer; a diet that mostly consists of lean protein, as well as healthy fats, is considered important for a healthy spine. In addition, there is also another option you can add fruits and vegetables to your diet for supporting the spine.

To support a healthy spine, you can also make your diet rich in supplements and vitamins. The best supplements as well as vitamins are vitamin B complex and omega-3. Additionally, these supplements and vitamins will also be effective in decreasing pain in the nerves of the spine.

The Bottom Line!

Maintaining spinal health is a must because our overall health is dependent on it. The previously mentioned tips can be effective in strengthening the spine.

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